Beginners Playgroup

ACP #1 Sunday 25th October 2020

A day of online workshops designed for beginners on the Anglo Concertina.

  • Playing along the rows
  • Introduction to chords
  • Extending the range (playing across the rows)
  • Introduction to the instrument
  • Care and storage

Programme and timetable

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Date/Time: Sunday 25th October 14.00 – 19.30 UK (UTC)


Three experienced instructors have been selected to bring specific skills:

Who is this workshop for?

These are beginners’ workshops. The instructors will assume that attendees have little or no experience on the instrument. If your ambition is to play arrangements, accompaniments, sessions, morris, barn dance/ceilidh, Irish, English or songs then the topics covered will provide a basic grounding to build on.

Is my concertina suitable?

The ideal instrument would be a C/G 30 button

Players of instruments in other keys (e.g. G/D Ab/Bb) will be able to follow the workshops playing as though their instrument is a C/G.

20 and 26 button instruments are suitable for many of the sessions

Location: Online Zoom